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Why are some guys such cowards? All a decent girl wants is honesty. It’s not really that hard. When you look and dress like a man but you can’t even tell you’re girlfriend what the real deal is, that’s sad. Maybe she isn’t what you wanted. It’s all good! Just tell her, don’t walk around puffing out you’re chest like a man but at crunch time go mia and hide like a little boy. Seriously, it’s a turn off. Maybe you don’t care bc she was a “for now” girl, but really, you’re the one missing out. She actually cared about you. She actually saw you different, she was blinded, as any young girl may be by your looks and great personality. You may not think she is much now. When you see what she will become in the future, you may regret playing her like this. She isn’t gonna wait around forever. She isn’t gonna cry for you. First of all, a real man won’t make a lady cry. Secondly, the one asshole that does make her cry, isn’t worth her tears. You already made her cry, you were already the asshole. Who told you that you were entitled to that position? Who said you were better than her and could be that jerk with zero regards towards her feelings? All you had to do was tell her. Don’t lie. Don’t be a coward. Just tell her. What’s the worse that could happen? She gets hurt? Sorry, it’s a little too late for that one. She’s hurt, but she will move on. And hopefully, one day you regret doing her like this. If you don’t that’s fine, because after a while she won’t even think about you anymore. You’re history as of today for her.

Boy meets girl.
Boy screws up.
Boy loses girl.
Girl moves on.


Relationships should come easy, shouldn’t they? Especially after only 7 months of dating. The couple should naturally make each other happy, laugh, smile. What if that’s the way it is with one person. And what if it’s not that easy for the other person? They both say that that’s all they want, is to make each other happy. Something always has to come up though. Could it just be bad timing and do they just need patience? Or should the couple part ways?
Every couple has its ups and downs. Arguments are natural. Not trusting each other is not. Where there is no trust there is no relationship.

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